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Passion Project on Demolition TV

Liz Obertelli explains the collaborative approach to creating demolition gateways

Our Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, Liz Obertelli, was recently interviewed for an episode of Demolition TV, where she elaborated on the Passion Project’s ongoing work with partner Erith Group. Demolition TV, which is recently launched, is produced on behalf of Demolition News, reporting on the latest developments in the industry across the world.

Erith is a founding partner of the Passion Project and a specialist contractor in construction in the demolition industry. In early 2016 the Passion Project, in collaboration with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE), DIVERT and Erith, established ten full-time apprenticeship opportunities with the Group’s demolition division, Erith Demolition.

Liz Obertelli said of the initiative: “The Passion Project were interested in demolition in particular because it’s a specialist sector – it’s something that’s not necessarily promoted to young people as early as possible for them to realise they have an interest and a passion. The idea of having the collaboration between industry specialists and ourselves, which work across a network of communities, charities, and services like JobCentre Plus, enables us to get the message out there very early on, particularly in schools and academies, which is really key to employer engagement.”

These opportunities have been designed in collaboration with Passion Project partners to ensure it really offers employers and young people what they need, setting a new benchmark for apprenticeships in construction. Stuart Accleton, an Operations Director with Erith Contractors, said: “That was the main reason we wanted to get involved. To have the opportunity to actually design the training programme, knowing full well what the demolition industry needs in order to enable the guys to come onto the site and start working from day one.”

You can find out more about our partnership here.