What We Do

Milestone Group combines and leverages creative services and technologies to deliver high-value services and content. We develop solutions that are intelligent and effective, to ensure a positive impact on our clients’ bottom line.

From public sector to consumer brands & services, Milestone Group PLC combines experience and expertise to deliver brilliant and effective media and technology solutions that bring business to life.

Stronger Together

Our business is made of many parts. Together they are stronger.

Our Services

Creative Services

We benefit from having experienced, award-winning creatives and marketeers amongst our ranks. Through our combination of skill sets and experience we are able to offer a holistic approach to creative services ensuring we add value from conception to launch through to campaign delivery.

Mobile & Business Solutions

Our Mobile Applications and Business solutions offer a highly scaleable, cost-effective and flexible mobile management and reporting suite of SaaS tools that address the needs of customers across a wide range of sectors. Our applications and bespoke service offering meet the demands of organisations requiring flexible and secure real time auditing and administration of field operatives and assets.


As publishers of one of the UK's most influential youth magazines and digital platforms, Disorder Magazine (www.disordermagazine.com), we have remained at the forefront of creativity, innovation and content creation. Through our understanding of the youth market sector, our publishing services also incorporates the development and implementation of strategies for youth orientated brands.

Education & Training

Our education and training products provide a number of commercial yet social outcome focused opportunities across a range of age groups that can be used with groups or individuals.

These products include:

Winning in the Game of Life™ – an education programme aimed at primary school children between the ages of 6-11, providing them with access to proven values-based emotional intelligence and resilience training.

Life Ready & Work Ready training via the Passion Project which helps provide 16-24 year olds achieve the necessary mindset and skills to become productive employees and citizens.


Our experience in delivering solutions to complex requirements like the Passion Project and the OnGuard suite of Applications, means we have considerable expertise in the creation of large web platforms. We combine social networks, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, with youth engagement, CSR, publishing and media; by running this in the cloud, this gives us a uniquely diverse collection of tools that we can leverage to create new platforms and projects.

Loyalty & Rewards

By design, loyalty programs reward and incentivise customers, whilst rewards programs look to enable the retention of customers, often using cross-selling opportunities to increase customer penetration, and provide them with a valuable proposition.

The provision of these programs can help brands and businesses drive profitable customer behaviour, enhance their consumer spending, and provide valuable data on consumer trends.

We work with a range of industry recognised loyalty and rewards programs, offering new entrants to the marketplace the opportunity to establish their own loyalty and rewards program for their staff and consumer base.


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The Group


Relative is an award-winning digital agency with a big heart and an eye for detail. Specialising in the creation of digital experiences that are beautiful, brand activations that are deeply immersive, and campaigns with high impact, Relative meet and then go beyond the needs of its clients.

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Mobile & Business Solutions

Mobile Business Solutions is a highly scalable, affordable and flexible mobile management and reporting suite of SaaS tools that address the needs of a wide range of sectors.

MBS specialises in meeting the demands of businesses who require secure, real-time auditing and administration of field operatives and assets.

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Disorder Magazine is an independent, cutting-edge and constantly evolving youth magazine featuring the best in new fashion, music, art, technology and film.

Disorder Magazine has remained true to its ethos of breaking new talent since its inception in 1999, both on its pages and behind the scenes. It features acts, trends and entertainment ahead of the mainstream and continues to launch the careers of some of the UK's leading lights in photography, design and journalism.

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Winning in the Game of Life™

Winning in the Game of Life™ is a school's' curriculum-based programme that is designed to build young people's emotional intelligence and lead to the development of positive lifelong relationships and improved self-esteem.

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The Passion Project

The Passion Project is a social engagement programme created to help combat youth unemployment whilst encouraging individual self-development. The programme helps young people identify their natural skill sets and matches them with appropriate vocation and employment opportunities.

The Passion Project brings together representatives from public, private and third sector organisations with the intention of creating an end to end, joined-up and holistic careers service for young people.

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Nexstar is a leading-edge technology provider, delivering solutions to industry leaders within the employee recognition, employee performance, customer loyalty and reward and product promotions market segments.

Nexstar offers its clients access to an alternative, world-class digital delivery platform that supports multiple digital assets like movies, TV, apps and games, on both a subscription and transactional basis. Fully integrated into major social media platforms, and facilitating Money Over IP payments, in addition to points and cash, this platform underpins a series of global initiatives in multiple vertical markets including Loyalty and Incentive, Retail and B2B. Nexstar also develop products with white-label capabilities, enabling clients access to products which are branded specifically to them.

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